Card Services
At Long Island Community FCU we offer 2 different card options to access your funds.
  1. VISA Check Card
  2. LICFCU ATM Card

VISA Check Card
Your Visa Check card works like a check. Use it instead of a check. Everywhere VISA is accepted.

Whether you're shopping around the world or right around the block, the VISA Check card is the easy way to pay right from your checking account. Just think of it as an ATM card and your checkbook all rolled into one.

Because it carries the VISA symbol, this card works like a check anywhere VISA is accepted - at over 12 million locations around the world!

You can use it for everyday things - like dry cleaning, lunch, or department store purchases. Or use it to buy gifts or to place catalog orders. Just present your card at the time of purchase, and the amount will automatically be deducted from your checking account.

It still works as an ATM card. But it does so much more
It's the most convenient card to keep in your wallet. You can still use it get cash at over 250,000 Plus, Network ATMs. You can still use it for trips to the grocery store or gas station. But now you can use it in more ways, at more places, and for more things than a regular ATM card.

It works just like a check, only faster
Using the VISA Check Card is hassle-free. There's no checkbook to carry. No check to write. No ID to show. No waiting for check approval. So you're in and out of stores in no time.

It makes record-keeping simple and accurate. Because every time you use your card to make a purchase, you get a signed receipt. Then, on your monthly checking account statement, every purchase will be detailed - with the amount, merchant's name, and location. It makes it simple to keep track of how much you're spending.

It's more convenient
Why carry cash when you can carry the VISA Check card! It's safer and more convenient than carrying cash. And it's accepted at more places, for more purchases than any other card in the world. That makes it especially valuable when travelling! So Apply Today!


LI Community FCU ATM Card
LI Community Cards offer 24-hour access to virtually any automated teller machine location worldwide which display the STAR or PLUS network logos. Use your card to make withdrawals, purchases, overdraft LOC advances and transfers between accounts.

Note: With both The VISA Check and LI Community Cards there are currently no service charges associated with VISA Check purchase or debit transactions.(these transactions are unlimited) You are also granted *4 free ATM transactions per month at any ATM machine, with a $1.50 service charge for each transaction above 4.

*Excludes surcharges, if any, imposed by host ATM owner.


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